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Olive Grove Farm - Gallery

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    Farm viewed from village               View from behind house to village               View from Veranda - Right

   View from  terrace -Left              View from  terrace - Left Middle                    View from  terrace - Middle

               Bedroom 1                                     Bedroom  1                                        Bedroom  1  

           Pool 1                                                   Pool 2                                            Pool 3

                   Lounge                                        Lounge                                       Lounge

               Kitchen                                           Kitchen                                       Patio outside Kitchen

        Open Room                                      Open Room                                    Terrace/Veranda  

       Terrace table with 6 chairs                 Stairs leading to Terrace                   From OGF to Pool and PoolHouse

          The Olive Grove                                 Collecting Olives  1                             Collecting Olives 2

        Front Gated Entrance                            Front Gates                             Burning cut olive branches                  

Panoramic View from Terrace (Video) - click projector

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                Pool at Night                                   Friend’s Baby takes 1st swim                            Pool showing Poolhouse

       Olive Grove Farm (old photo)                     View from Gazebo/Terrace                         View from Kitchen Pergola             

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               Bathroom 1                                                  Bathroom 2                 Landing (to Bathroom, Beds. 1 and 2), & terrace  

              PoolHouse                                          PoolHouse                                       PoolHouse         

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                                  Fazio’s bar go under house for OGF arrival                                                     Festival in Chieti


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                                                 Fabulous Sunsets   (view from terrace)                              

   Log Cabin on extremity of our land             Famous restaurant built on sea

  (Not included with Farm)          

wp60178cc2_0f.jpg Home wp44e8564f_0f.jpg

            Bedroom 2                                                          Bedroom 2                                                  Bedroom 3

 Old Well                                                       PoolHouse                                                  PoolHouse

See pictures of Olive Grove Farm in Winter - Skiing in Winter

However being so far south, although cold at night the weather often allows shorts and T shirts mid winter - ideal holiday for a winter break - as long as you don’t want to swim in the sea!

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Several families who have stayed at Olive Grove Farm have asked to see some of the old, original pictures before renovation when it was first purchased in August of 2004! Click here - be prepared for a shock!

Outdoor Table tennis (4 bats)            Two mountain bikes available to use                  Canoe available to use

  Aerial View of Olive Grove Farm                            Lounge                                       Lounge

Our land by river - ideal for playing games. River very safe for accompanied children to play in and cross the tree bridge


    Gorge with spectacular views                          White Water rafting nearby           Walk just above Serramonacesca by 9th                                                                                                                                                             Century church

  Track leading to river and play area

See more aerial pictures